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Order Entry & Customer Self-Service

  • Built For Scale

    Whether you're in California, Colorado, or any market in between, our system can effectively help you scale your sales efforts. Our business to business inventory and ordering and platform is great for:

    • Flower Wholesalers
    • Infused Product Manufacturers
    • Concentrate Producers
  • Customer Management

    Easily connect our system to your existing accounting system and sync your customer database or manage customers independently. See which customers order the most, how often, and more with our customer reporting dashboard.

  • Inventory Control

    Our system has carefully crafted inventory tracking capabilities based on the type of products you sell, providing a flexible and compliant environment for accounting and sales.

  • Order Entry & Self Service

    Drastically speed up your inside sales process with our order entry tool or give your customers the ability to order on their own time with your private, branded storefront.

Batch Specific Options

Whether you sell your flower in bulk, pre-packed units, or combinations thereof, our system allows you to easily account for saleable inventory.

Password Protected

Your online store is only viewable by people you specifically invite to become users. Only reveal pricing and other sensitive data to qualified parties.

accounting integrations

Our system is fully integrated with Intuit Quickbooks Online and Inacct to seamlessly facilitate orders for new and existing customers.

Granular Permissions

Easily set permissions and define account roles for employees using the system. Hides fields that do not apply to that specific user type.

Performance Reporting

Access a web based reporting dashboard with sales reports across products, categories, customers, sales people and more. CSV export coming soon.

Detailed Forensics

Gain access to specific changes made against inventory accounts, price changes, and other sensitive data to ensure internal compliance.

We're eager to help you exceed your business's goals.